Saturday, November 26, 2022
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Column: Politics and social media during election season

Politicians are increasingly using social platforms to employ many of the social marketing strategies that are commonly used for business.

Column: Key elements of mobile website design

According to Google, 61 percent of viewers on a mobile site will leave if they don’t quickly see what interests them.

Column: Key elements of website design

The most important consideration involving website design is the user experience. This entails how well the website meets the requirements of its viewers.

Column: How to make your posts go viral

Making a viral post is an extension of what social media is all about: providing a platform for people to communicate as individuals and as members of groups.

Column: Why your business needs webinars

Webinars that address the needs of your audience can be an inexpensive and highly effective way of building your business and allowing you to stand out.

Column: Deciding on your company’s digital offering

Regardless of how large or small your company is, social media is too broad to be able to do more than focus on a few limited campaigns.

Column: Video and social marketing – a potent combination

One reason video is so effective is it can be placed anywhere in the customer life cycle, from first contact to an informative video on how to use a product.

Column: Customers demanding more knowledge from salespeople

Employees must know about the products they are selling and be aware of what is being said about the products online.

Column: Service through social media can be reputation boost

Fans and followers who are constantly accessing a company’s social pages are deriving value while allowing that company to increase sales and visibility.

Column: The most common email marketing mistake

Educational content and calculated timing can make a difference in click-through and open rates.

Column: The importance of native advertising

Native advertising attempts to merge advertisements and content in a way that will generate interest and entice the target audience to take action.

Column: The threat to Net neutrality

More competition among Internet service providers could provide a level and high-speed playing field for businesses.

Column: The evolving face of Facebook as a marketing tool

If people are unable to reach their target market effectively, they are going to become increasingly dependent on using paid Facebook boosts and advertisements.

How well do you know content marketing?

An 11-question quiz tests your knowledge of content market, the digital community’s answer to a must-have commodity.

Column: Content is currency

Content marketing is about the creation of compelling content and the continuing reinforcement of a brand.