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Ray Dalio predicts 70s-style stagflation for the US economy

“The past is a guide to what's happening now,” Dalio said.

Ray Dalio: U.S. should follow Chinese example on wealth redistribution

Dalio did not volunteer his fortune for wealth redistribution to the masses.

Ray Dalio partnership with TisBest Philanthropy results in $1M charity gift...

This is Dalio's second year working with TisBest on its charity gift card distribution.

Bridgewater Associates, Barnard College look to draw more women into investing...

Junior-level students will receive funding for a 10-week paid internship at Bridgewater or another company within the investment industry.

Dalio wonders about ‘war’ with China, as debate over where economy...

“Where Congress comes down (on President Joe Biden's 'Build Back Better' plan) will determine our economy for the next several decades," said a U.S. Treasury official.

Ray Dalio would choose gold over bitcoin ‘if you put a...

Dalio repeated his warning that the federal government could outlaw cryptocurrencies.

Bridgewater’s investment chief: Return to ’70s-style inflation unlikely

Prince insisted the fiscal policies of a half-century ago are not being repeated today.

State Treasurer Wooden: CT on ‘right track’ fiscally, but racial inequality...

Generational poverty in Connecticut continues “irrespective of race or ZIP code," Shawn Wooden says.

Bridgewater Associates’ CFO departs for Bitcoin firm

Dalby joined Bridgewater in September 2018.

Leading regional companies lend their support for Equality Act passage

President Biden called for the legislation to be passed in his address to Congress this week.

Ray Dalio: ‘Good probability’ U.S. will try to outlaw bitcoin

Dalio questioned whether the government has the authority to prohibit cryptocurrencies.

Ray Dalio: U.S. on ‘brink of terrible civil war’

"Good words and spirit aren't enough," Dalio stated.

Devon Dalio, son of Bridgewater Associates founder, dead at 42

Ray Dalio tweeted that his family was “mourning and processing and would prefer to be incommunicado for the time being.”

Ray Dalio gives thumbs-up to bitcoin

Dalio also criticized central bank policies in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ray Dalio to investors: Stay away from bonds and cash

Dalio stated central banks "changed the economics of borrowing."