Monday, November 28, 2022
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BIC launches line of eco-friendly stationery products

The new product line is exclusively available at Target stores and Target.com.

BIC picks up smart notebook maker Rocketbook for $40 million

“Together, we’re going to do for notebooks what Tesla did for cars," says Rocketbook Co-founder Jake Epstein.

BIC announces expansion of corporate sustainability goals

BIC is aiming for 20% non-virgin petroleum plastic for its products by 2025.

BIC debuts coloring products line for children

Actress Tia Mowry will be featured in digital advertisements for the products.

BIC wins ruling banning importation of counterfeit lighters

The French company, whose U.S. headquarters are in Shelton, said the move will stop the importation of “low-quality, Chinese-made knock-off pocket lighters that imitate the design of BIC’s lighters without upholding BIC’s stringent safety and quality standards.”

BIC debuts Us. line of unisex grooming products

BIC is initially making the Us. brand available at Dollar General.

BIC debuts Made for You grooming products line

"A rising population of consumers are seeking a high performing product that addresses their needs, regardless of gender," said Mary Fox, general manager of BIC North America.

BIC scores infringement lawsuit win over Arrow Lighter

BIC's Steve Burkhart warned that "low-quality non-compliant imported lighters are rampant in the U.S. market."

BIC launches gender-neutral line of razors

The Made For YOU razor system, designed and manufactured by BIC, is available exclusively on Amazon.com.

BIC report details lack of consumer awareness of lighter safety

Only 48% of surveyed parents said their child has been taught about pocket lighter safety.

BIC files lawsuits to stop imports and sales of Chinese knock-off...

BIC stated the Chinese lighters failed to meet the U.S. safety and quality standards.

Development driving impressive growth in Shelton

“The die has been cast to reverse a very negative trend," according to Mayor Mark Lauretti.