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New poll finds Gov. Lamont’s approval ratings inching up

The poll found 56.8% of respondents were unhappy with his leadership on tolls.

Panel: Is single payer health care right for NY?

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef's panel asked public officials, doctors and researchers to weigh the pros and cons of single-payer care.

Cuomo calls for free SUNY tuition for families making under $125K

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a plan on Tuesday that would make SUNY and CUNY college tuition-free for students from families making $125,000 per year...

Wikileaks: Outgoing Xerox CEO was considered as Clinton running mate

Others reportedly considered for the slot included Bill Gates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Bernie Sanders calls for closure of Indian Point

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for the closure of Indian Point Energy Center in a statement released Monday. The Democratic Vermont senator called the...