Sunday, November 27, 2022
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MasterCard launches buy-now, pay-later installment service

MasterCard Installments will be accessible for online purchases as well as in-store ones, by adding the feature to a digital wallet payment method.

Key Private Bank names Michael Rieger as new market leader for...

Key Private Bank has named Michael Rieger as its new senior vice president and market leader for the Hudson Valley and metro New York...

SHU-grown FinTron Invest of Westport launches

After over two years of incubation and development, Westport-headquartered financial technology company FinTron Invest announced its official launch last week. 

Seeking capital? How to clear a sophisticated investor’s bar

An entrepreneur whose business plan includes seeking growth capital for a growing business — perhaps after initial self-funding or obtaining seed capital from family...

How do you collar the Hydra?

In May, exhibits A and B suggest we’ll never master that instinct to irrational exuberance.

From hype to harness

With the SEC still drawing up new fundraising rules, Connecticut capitalists have yet to hitch up to the JOBS Act bandwagon.

Is a cashless society on the way?

MasterCard executives, an author and an academic discuss whether money is on the way out … and should it be?

Corporations dodge taxes, hand small biz the bill

A study by U.S. PIRG calculates how much individuals and small business would have to pay to make up for tax revenue lost to corporate tax avoidance.

The new euphemism

“The Startup Owner’s Manual” co-author Bob Dorf shares his thoughts on Stamford Startup Weekend and entrepreneurship circa 2012.

Being fair to all homeowners

A New Fairfield reader notes those who absorbed declining home values will see no recompense in the industry settlement.

Pulling back the curtain

The Connecticut Film Center will premiere Confidence Game by local producer Nick Verbitsky.

Gold coastal property

A Maine furniture craftsman is opening its first Connecticut location, and other real estate news.

Negotiating the S-Curve

A panel of consultants discusses how businesses prevail over the ups and downs of growth cycles

Coalitions coalescing around Stamford startup scene

Stamford is rapidly becoming a hub for high-tech activities across multiple groups.

Corporate tax overhaul called ‘murky’

President Obama recently unveiled a new framework for corporate tax reform.