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Cutting-edge ‘X-ray vision’ tech makes spine surgery easier and quicker

Stamford is the first hospital in the Northeast to adopt the technology, which projects 3D navigation data onto the surgeon's retina.

Xerox acquires augmented reality software provider CareAR

CareAR co-founder and CEO Sam Waicberg will join Xerox.

Going (almost) all-virtual is a reality for Stamford Innovation Week

“We thought it would be crazy, if not a little irresponsible, to not have it take place this year," says the annual event's founder and executive director Jon Winkel.

Michael Guberti: Three ways to grow your business with virtual and...

According to Statista, there are 171 million virtual reality users worldwide. Multiple businesses have begun using these digital realities to engage potential customers.

New Rochelle targets augmented and mixed reality industry to ‘save the...

In looking to the city's past economic drivers, officials will again turn to artists and creators to bring jobs to the growing city.