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Andi Gray: Learn to make the right choices

Once you know what you want to accomplish, it’s time to put together your task list. Include all the things that will have to get done in order to achieve your goals.

Andi Gray: Next gen takeover requires discussions

Have open and frank conversations with your siblings about what each is and is not prepared to commit to. Decide if you need help negotiating details between generations.

Andi Gray: Working with intention toward marketing

Marketing is complex and most owners lack a comprehensive approach. Taking wild guesses is a popular approach, but not the best way to proceed.

Ask Andi: Figuring out if we’re having an OK year

A plan is just that — a plan. Turning a plan into reality takes skill at forecasting, buy-in from everyone in the company, and a drop of luck.

Ask Andi: From doer to manager

Managers are made, not born.

Ask Andi: Check out every angle before buying another business

What would your company gain by adding to its portfolio? More clients? A new business line?

Ask Andi: Finding the gems when hiring

I can see how hard it is to hire good people. Got any tips? Thoughts of the Day: When searching, make sure every tool works...

Being nice does not mean being a doormat

Hone skills that are synonymous with leadership. Make sure you’re clear about where you want to go with the company. Make asking for input a sign of strength, not weakness.

Taking sales, and your business, to the next level

Above all else, take action necessary to grow now. The alternative to growth is watching the business decline to the point where it is unprofitable and then no longer salvageable. Who wants that?

How do trainers train themselves to train?

I’m not a good trainer. I need to be mindful of that while ramping up a business development person — our next important hire....

Accountability starts at the top

What more can you do to insure you all stay on the same page, working together toward common goals, deadlines and outcomes?

Column: Building a more flexible employee

Wondering about how to solve this one. Got an employee who is good at things, as long as there are no changes. But we...

Column: A formula for building up sales

We haven’t had good experience turning things over to salespeople. We give them leads and they don’t turn that into business. Later on we find...

Column: Can this partnership be saved?

Partners need to be on the same page when it comes to big picture items, partners can agree to disagree on small issues and there’s a common understanding about what’s big versus small.

Column: What’s my sweat equity worth?

Starting to think about selling the business and wondering what it might be worth. My family and I have invested a lot of time, energy and hard work building our business.