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Think local, act global

Tobias Guggenheimer's architectural firm has brought a new concept to outsourcing, allowing a Filipino mirror office to do work in the midnight hours.

Architecture class

For Peter Gisolfi, the new green student center at Manhattanville College, a building designed with multilayered transparency in mind, is both cause for celebration and a sober reminder of the toll the economy is taking on the architecture industry.

Suite deals

From his fourth-floor hedge fund office, Sching L. Lin has a panoramic view of the Tudor-style buildings that are the village’s charm and defining look of downtown Scarsdale.

Christopher McCagg

Christopher McCagg, an architect from Wilton, has felt a connection with the natural world ever since he was growing up in central New Jersey.

To build a firm

James G. Rogers III one of the founding partners of Butler Rogers Baskett Architects in Manhattan has split with his old firm to establish James G. Rogers Architects in South Norwalk.

Architects draft economic plans

According to architects, the new year has rejuvenated prospective clients, though awareness and adaptability are key to weathering the storm.

Orange sunrise

Longtime powerhouses in NCAA sports, the Orange of Syracuse University have lately been putting their professional stamps on regional blueprints.

Q&A for the corner office

This week, Tom O’Brien, principal of O’Brien Architecture L.L.C. in Mount Kisco, N.Y., talks about construction in the energy-conscious 21st century.

Architect heads to 19th green

Architect Lee A. Wright, who worked on projects throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties, including a few of the region’s most famous golf clubs, is retiring.

Drafting Greenwich

Architect Richard Granoff leaves his mark.

The structure of dreams

Roger Bartels and Christopher Pagliaro will continue their ambitious plans into the future.

Drawn to succeed

Some may assume that most teenagers haven’t a clue as to what they want to be when they grow up.

The tzedakah factor

It wasn’t a particularly good day for Leigh Overland.

For Danbury couple, ’72 was a very good year

When Maura Newell and her husband, Emmanuel Juan, decided to go into business together last year, they named their architectural firm 72 Architects.

West Point librarian is the sum of her experiences

If you’ve ever been to a planning board public hearing, you know how heated the debate over changes to the familiar landscape can be.