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Fairfield County’s live music scene is growing thanks to breweries...

“The biggest shock for me was how many people around here are in bands,” says the co-founder of Newtown's Reverie Brewing Co. “There’s 40,000 people in Newtown and 10,000 bands – how does that work?”

Pols take victory lap for pro-small business efforts at Newtown...

DECD Commissioner David Lehman told the Business Journal that he expected to announce “a couple of big companies” relocating to Fairfield County from Westchester and New York City in the coming few weeks.

Aquila’s Nest Vineyards aims to make an oenophilic splash in Newtown

When Neviana Zhgaba and Ardian Llomi decided they’d like to try their hand at owning and operating a winery, they knew precisely what approach...