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Andi Gray: Finding the right clients

Make it clear what kinds and quantities of business your company wants to acquire over the upcoming two to three years. And then work with each salesperson to build a portfolio of prospects that matches those goals.

Andi Gray: Special rules for family?

Everyone in the family should report to someone. Figure out who your sister’s position logically reports to.

Andi Gray: Office drama must be eliminated

Unfiltered commentary does no good. You hire employees for their ability to make good work decisions. Make it clear you expect the same when it comes to their actions with co-workers.

Andi Gray: Empowering employees to make decisions

Owners should encourage people to make mistakes and learn. Agree on the goal so you're both focused on the same endpoint.

Andi Gray: Don’t hesitate when dealing with thieves

Often employee theft is committed by first-timers, often due to personal financial stress, justifying the theft by thinking they’re due more compensation, and finding an opportunity to quietly remove funds.

Andi Gray: Getting products to the right customers

Marketing is the most important function in any company and often one of the most overlooked. Turn it into your secret growth weapon. 

Andi Gray: How to instill time management in your employees

Hold a weekly meeting to review the overall flow of work. Keep a calendar with notations for big projects that might come in so everyone can see where a jam-up in workload might happen.

Andi Gray: Diagnosing and correcting a sales downturn

Push hard on the sales and marketing accelerator and turn things around as quickly as possible.

Andi Gray: How to get your cash flow in order

Plan for extra invoicing in order to build up cash on hand and avoid getting caught short.

Andi Gray: Learn to make the right choices

Once you know what you want to accomplish, it’s time to put together your task list. Include all the things that will have to get done in order to achieve your goals.

Andi Gray: How to build a strong management team

Unify the team with goals. Organize functions to eliminate duplication and conflict. Use incentives to get the point across that collaboration is essential. 

Andi Gray: Stepping back so others can carry the load

Building a bigger business means you can’t do it all — not even close! If you are going to add real leaders to the team you have to let them lead.

Andi Gray: Realizing predictable gold from the marketing pipeline

Once you have the pipeline set up, keep track of the dates when prospects move from one stage to the next.

Andi Gray: Stay organized to win

Consistently and accurately serving customer needs is a key to success for any company.

Andi Gray: Setting a new salesperson on the path to...

A smart sales rep knows she’ll do better with someone looking over her shoulder, ready to offer suggestions on how to get over hurdles.