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Andi Gray: Enduring customer relationships make money

Past customers are very valuable to every business. They can teach your business about how well you’re doing at meeting customer needs.

Andi Gray: The art of closing the deal

Tell your sales folks to look for any mismatch in expectations about whether and how this deal might, or might not, happen.

Andi Gray: Interviewing done right

Don’t get into job specifics at first. Rather, spend time finding out the candidates’ backgrounds.

Andi Gray: Getting the job done

Make sure that each day, each hour, is filled with purpose. Engage your people in goal setting in order to get their buy-in. Set them on a mission to accomplish the workload in the time available.

Andi Gray: Gathering all the financial facts for a well-run business

There’s an old saying: The truth is in the numbers and the numbers don’t lie. That’s only partially true. The truth is in the numbers, so long as the numbers are accurate and up to date.

Andi Gray: Combining brands after an acquisition

Merging acquisitions can be a great time to look at your overall brand identity.

Andi Gray: Get off the roller coaster of entrepreneurship

Success is tied to learning how to limit potentially destructive behavior. Gain skill at saying no.

Andi Gray: Getting new salespeople off the ground

Use social media, email and events to connect, engage and build up relationships with the right opportunities for new salespeople to mine.

Andi Gray: Drawing the line on free service

Free service is a slippery slope. Give customers an alternative. Make sure your service terms are spelled out up front. Standardize terms and enforce them with staff and customers.

Andi Gray: Effective sales meetings must generate results

Increase the productivity of your sales meetings by using them for what meetings are best at: sharing information with a group of people.

Andi Gray: Growth by acquisition

Adding to your company by acquiring another can be advantageous as long as three things happen ...

Andi Gray: Finding, hiring and keeping good people

Recruiting done right is a year-round job. Knowing what you’re looking for is half the battle. Having a wide net to gather in candidates is the other half.

Andi Gray: Maintaining control as the company grows

Controlling things as you grow the company is a challenge for most small-business owners. Build systems, procedures and checklists so you can teach everyone how you want things done.

Andi Gray: What’s market share all about?

We don’t have a clue what is our market share. We are in several vertical markets, but we don’t know how much just comes to us from each of those markets, and how much we have to fight to get.

Andi Gray: Teaching a new supervisor to supervise correctly

Make sure you have a job description for your supervisor. Include responsibilities for goal setting for her unit, understanding company goals and how her area fits into those goals.