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Should you sell your business now?

Selling a business doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t have buyers lined up and the business prepared for your exit, it’s too late to get maximum value this year.

Prepare your business for the next disaster

Whether man-made or caused by natural forces, disruptions to our businesses will keep on coming. Here's how to prepare for the next one.

Dealing with VUCA in business

Expose your company to VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) and help your people grow their ability to embrace change and try new things.

Can testing help in choosing workers?

Hiring is both art and science. Testing your applicants can pay off if you’re focused on the long term.

Cover more ground in sales with the telephone

When pitching cold calling as a strategy, focus on what salespeople care about: talking to more people faster, building more sales opportunities, and making more money.

Product launching for profit making

Launching a product isn’t something you do every day, so to be safe, expect things to cost more and deliver less than planned.

Means to making more Profit

BY ANDI GRAY Q: It’s been a tough two years. We’ve kept adding new clients, but at lower profit. We now need to figure out...

Gearing up for increased sales

We couldn't complete all of our projects in time to invoice the customers last month. If larger projects come in we don't have the bandwidth to handle a big increase. We need to be able to say, "Bring it on!"

Manager doesn’t know how to manage

Double the cost of a new employee's salary – that's one estimate of what it costs to get on-board and train a new employee in the first six months. That means letting a new employee go after six months is really expensive.

Is social media worth the time and effort?

Given everyone’s increasing reliance on the Internet for information, business owners have no choice but to climb on the bandwagon and start to develop their own social media program.

Growing enough, but not too much

Too much business can be as deadly as too little.

Get better organized at bringing on new employees

As your business grows, you’ll be adding people more quickly. Your company will benefit from getting better organized at bringing new employees on board.

Strategies to increase staff performance

Increase staff performance by having the right people, properly trained and supervised, doing specific jobs.

Losing the growth battle?

Most businesses, like people, run into their Peter Principle – they max out what they know and stop making progress.

Ask Andi

This is an economy in which everyone is trying to do more with less, but don’t let customer service slip.