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Acknowledging the people who make it happen

Things have been getting busier. That’s a good thing. However, I find that when we get busy we forget to acknowledge the people who are making it happen

Making time for finance

We have a billing accuracy and timeliness issue. It’s hard for me to tell what’s going on with our income, expenses, profits, loans and bank accounts.

Are my sales people too comfortable?

A productive sales force is one of the keys to our success. It’s time for them to put things in gear. I worry that things may be too comfortable around here. Any suggestions?

Stop reacting and start planning

What’s the sightline on the horizon that everyone in your company is focused on moving toward? Get clear on that and it’s easier to figure out if everything you’re doing is heading the company in the right direction.

When things are quiet, focus

When sales are down, figure out where to focus before it rebounds by working your way through this checklist of questions.

Cleaning up your credit line

As with all credit instruments, credit lines should be used in anticipation of greater profits downstream. Use them to boost invoicing opportunity and to manage expenses and cash flow until that money comes in.

Say no to getting ‘yessed’ to death

It can be scary to admit that something’s gone wrong or that one is in over their head. How you lead your employees will speak volumes about your company’s ability to make progress on big and little issues – now and in the future.

Before partnering, do your due diligence

Mergers are like courtships followed by marriage. Set up a system for getting to know each other now. Evaluate the outcome potential before tying the knot.

Make a deal

Why are you losing deals? Evaluate and build solutions. Find out what customers wanted, and what got in the way of achieving that. Make them offers they can’t refuse.

Build a procedure manual to get things done right

We are getting ready to hire another key person to help with our growing operation. I can see that it would help to build a manual – for someone else to come on board – but how do I build one?

Rethinking retirement and succession plans

According to one survey, 36 percent of Americans say that they don’t contribute anything at all to retirement savings. According to another recent survey, 24 percent of American workers say that they have postponed their planned retirement age at some point during the past year.

Get a handle on cost to produce

Your company’s goal is to understand and find ways to control and reduce costs while focusing on optimally profitable customers and goods to sell.

Set specific goals for your business

The clearer everyone is about where your organization is headed, the more likely they can support that vision. Set a destination, and then give your organization purpose by working steadily towards it.

Become profitable by predicting the future

Most business owners have a hard time predicting and managing cash flow. Here are a few things you can do to see things more clearly.

Teaching customers about value buying

Educating your buyer is essential to winning and hanging onto business. There are lots of ways to educate the customer; make sure you take advantage of the many opportunities to do so.