Thursday, October 6, 2022
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Amtrak offering BOGO promotion for Valentine’s Day

The promotion covers travel on Amtrak between March 1 and Aug. 31.

Ambitious $10 billion high-speed rail plan announced in CT; would create...

“We need a massive, likely bi-partisan plan" to fully fund the initiative, U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said. “And we need the two Joes – Biden and (U.S. Sen.) Manchin (D-West Virginia) -- to get behind it.”

Cuomo says feds OK plan for Metro-North run to Penn Station

The plan for Metro-North Railroad to provide service into Penn Station on Manhattan’s east side moved onto an express track today when Gov. Andrew...

Amtrak offers 50% fare discounts for 50th anniversary

The promotion covers ticket purchases made between now through May 5.

Amtrak expands service and amenities on Acela trains

The new fleet of Acela trains will feature nearly 25% more seats.

Connecticut receives $145M in federal funds for replacing bridges

The Walk Bridge was built in 1896 and the Connecticut River Bridge went up in 1907.

Amtrak offers BOGO sale on train tickets

Amtrak CEO William J. Flynn said the railroad needs nearly $5 billion in federal aid to cover pandemic losses.

Amtrak updates website and app for real-time capacity tracking

Capacity details are available on all trains except for two West Coast lines.

No commitment from Trump to support NY infrastructure projects, Cuomo says

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo did not win commitments from President Trump to support starting long-delayed New York infrastructure projects during their meeting this morning...

Long-delayed Walk Bridge project set to start on nation’s busiest commuter...

“It’s been a long process,” allowed Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling, “and there’s still quite some time to go.”

Amtrak trains to feature New York-produced booze and snacks

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced last week that Amtrak will add Taste NY items to the cafe cars on 13 trains, which Amtrak estimates carry 1 million passengers aper year.

Amtrak’s Empire line to get $3 million safety investment

A $3 million federal grant will go toward implementing train-control technology on Amtrak’s Empire line that runs through Poughkeepsie.