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Second thoughts on arbitration for business dispute resolution

In recent years, many businesses, frustrated by the time required to resolve controversies in court, have increasingly turned to arbitration for what they believe can...

Arbitrators order Greenwich developer Fareri to pay $14.3M to Villa BXV...

Fareri’s testimony that he was unaware of activities and tax filings that “inured only to his personal benefit” was not credible, arbitrators said.

Broker sues Estate Motors for $2.5M arbitration award

An arbitrator ruled mostly in favor of United Galaxy Associates, but he also found that the broker’s conduct in renegotiating fees “shocking to the conscious.”

Gabelli and mutual fund executive fight over proper arbitration forum on...

The Gabelli company claims that James Scanlon is sidestepping an agreement in a “blatant attempt to avoid FINRA as a forum.”