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Alexander Roberts: Westchester may prohibit employers from asking about convictions on...

Westchester County is poised to enact a law that would prohibit private employers from asking about an individual’s criminal record on the initial job application.

Alexander Roberts: A different approach to creating affordable housing

Every year the National Low Income Housing Coalition releases its “Out of Reach” report showing how much you need to earn to afford a modest apartment in your county. And every year Westchester County and Long Island rank among the least affordable places to live. 

Roberts Report: Housing, addiction and a society in decline

As a social services agency dealing with the homeless, we are seeing more deaths from drug overdoses.

Roberts Report: Astorino’s winning frame

Ever since I heard a lecture from Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point,” I have been fascinated by “framing,” as in how a public issue is framed.

The Roberts Report: Is the affordable single-family house dead?

It is poorly understood that there is no such thing as affordable new construction in Westchester and Fairfield counties without huge federal, state and...

Roberts Report: Dream hoarding is bad for business

A senior fellow of the Brookings Institution says it’s not just the top 1 percent of Americans by income who are responsible for growing income and wealth inequality. 

Roberts Report: It’s time to re-engineer government regulation for growth

In November, Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner announced on Facebook that the town had just installed solar panels on the roof of town hall,...