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Remote workers slowly returning to region’s offices

Shelton's Peralta Design is the rare company seeking more office space.

Is cloud computing really safe?

"It's just someone else’s computer," said Michael Schechter, president and CEO at Computer Experts Group Ltd. in Katonah.

People keep encouraging hackers, cyber expert Al Alper says

“The single biggest threat today is IoT,” Alper warned.

Al Alper: NY state cybersecurity deadline looms

It’s worth noting that organizations not located in New York state but which still do business in the state do fall under New York’s DFS oversight.

IT considerations when retiring or terminating an employee

How should a business approach the end of its relationship with an employee from an IT point of view? Having a plan in place...

IT considerations when developing an employee

Hiring is just the beginning. There are many additional strategies to consider throughout the life cycle of the employee’s tenure with your organization.

Column: IT considerations for your business when hiring

The hiring process can be a long and drawn-out ordeal, exhausting both those running the search and the candidates. When a match is finally...

Column: Protect your business from hackers, malware and phishing

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated all the time and are working hard to create ways to infiltrate your business.

Column: What’s in MSP’s for you?

Every business, from the small owner-operator to a large corporation, can benefit from a managed services provider (MSP). MSPs offer experience, depth of expertise...

Column: Five DIY solutions for safe business infrastructures

Al Alper offers ways even technically-challenged people can protect their businesses.

Column: Ten IT weaknesses

... And how to fix them.

Column: Technology Upgrades for 2016

A 25-year tech industry veteran helps you navigate the latest and greatest tech offerings.

Absolute Logic buys Norwalk IT firm

A deal in the works six months reaches fruition.

Column: Tech upgrades for 2016

What's new to help you work better? Al Alper's got the scoop on tablets, phones and apps.

Column: Ten IT weaknesses and how to correct them

We’ve all heard stories about hacking into websites and breaches of infrastructure. There are dozens of reasons a company may be vulnerable. Let’s look at 10.