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Eat well and prosper

A growing concern for health-conscious Americans – where the food they eat comes from and how it is produced – has spawned an out-of-the-ordinary farm in the mid-Hudson region.

From the farm to the … food court?

Tony Lee hopes to plant his Fresh Nation farmers markets on the Macerich mall map.

An apple a day …

Hard apple cider works to become another choice on drink menus at home and in restaurants.

Got local, fresh milk?

The Hudson Valley Fresh dairy cooperative is evening the playing field between local farms and the commercial dairy producers.

Putnam County farm is innovation hub

Glynwood Farm seeks best practices for Hudson Valley farmers.

Farmers strive to recover after 2011 devastation

Many promises, but few fulfilled, as crops washed away by twin summer storms take profits with them

In brief

News from around Fairfield County and Connecticut.

Community supported agriculture gets boost from senator

NYS Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand visits Putnam’s Glynwood Farm to promote CSA legislation

Old MacDonald had a farm…

And today has friends with a bold vision for sustaining it

Veteran-owned business cultivates major expansion

Continental Organics, a business specializing in the production of organic produce, fish and fertilizer, will invest $49.8 million toward a five-year project that includes the construction of a 900,000-square-foot facility in New Windsor.

E-Verify, Wetland Preservation Act worrisome to farmers

Flooded acres and lack of workforce can decimate the state’s agricultural economy, farmers say.

Farmers’ markets to boost jobs

Newly established farmers’ markets, including one in Mount Vernon, are part of a program being spearheaded by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to boost profits for local farms while creating jobs.

New York, New York … it’s a helluva farm

Valley farmers fill urban food niche

State acts to uncork an industry

Wine efforts have been shackled by regulation.

MetroCrops sees Bridgeport as farm belt

A startup plans to create an indoor farming facility in the city.