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Farmers buzzing about bee decline

While scientists continue to research the phenomena known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), a term used to describe the abrupt disappearance or death of worker bees in a hive, beekeepers and farmers in the Hudson Valley are hoping the problem doesn’t worsen.

Where’s the buzz?

No one thinks about honeybees when they munch on fresh corn on the cob or strawberries.

Big fish eye and buy smaller fish

Shortly after increasing the size of its third fund to $850 million in the first quarter, Littlejohn & Co. L.L.C. went on a $1.1 billion spending spree in Montreal, buying two companies there, while carving a third company out of ITT Corp.

Farm bill ups subsidies in weather-wracked times

ST. LOUIS—The Bush Administration is proposing to increase subsidies to farmers by $5 billion and pledges $1.6 billion in new funding for renewable energy research, development and production in the 2007 farm bill.

Agriculture key to biofuel production, world ag chief says

ST. LOUIS –  If biofuels are to provide a mass amount of energy to a global population, there will need to be “quantum shifts” in existing governmental policies worldwide.

New biofuel sources needed to fill ’er up

ST. LOUIS – The race to bioenergy is coming to a giant speedbump.

Fill ’er up with sugar

Putting sugar in a gas tank is not a good thing to do; but perhaps in the not too distant future, sugar cane might be used to fuel your bio-vehicle.

Virtual farm market

When Maryanne Hedrick first moved to Peekskill two years ago, she was amazed at how much tasty food was available from farms in the Hudson Valley.

Local farmers urged to take part in emerging bio-energy market

The development of bio-energy as a viable fuel source represents one of the biggest turning points in agriculture in many years, according to World Agricultural Forum (WAF) President Ray Cesca.

Going strong

Orange County’s nationally renowned Farmworker Housing Rehabilitation Program was initially born as a reaction to negative news stories in the media about the state of farm labor housing.

Act to benefit dairy farmers

Members of the state Senate majority conference announced April 13 the approval of the Dairy Investment Act, which will provide $30 million in the 2007-08 state budget for financial relief for New York dairy farmers.

Tasker gets patent for novel technologies

Tasker Products Corp. in Danbury was issued a utility patent describing expanded processes and ingredients for its antimicrobial compositions for pre- and post-harvest treatment of plants and animals.

Farmers urged to record, report damages caused by flooding

Last week’s nor’easter caused severe flooding and damage across the East Coast.

Eat-local initiative growing

In Europe, the phrase “eat the view,” which refers to consuming locally grown food products, has become a somewhat common one.

Home grown

Rolling along Pulaski Highway, Pine Island is surrounded by an ocean of rich, dark black earth.