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Defining the role of project and account manager

Andi Gray discusses how to define the roles of project and account manager.

DOL: Contractors can blow the whistle

The U.S. Department of Labor ruled that independent contractors can receive whistleblower protection and benefits.

Accounting firms join forces

J.H. Cohn and Reznick Group today announced plans to merge all assets and operations.

No more write-offs

Going into an agreement, it’s important to be clear about what things cost. Unexpected expenses can easily lead to a shortfall in payments.

Going … going … gone at the end of 2012?

An attorney warns that estate tax rules could be significantly altered at the end of this year.

Step one: commit to change

The Foundation for Personal Financial Education offers free, no-sell financial literacy workshops at area companies.

Malloy: Withholding snafu has no impact on state budget

Connecticut cleared a headache year for income tax withholding – is there a hangover effect?

Payroll tax cut continued

Employers got a two-month reprieve on a temporary payroll tax cut.

Count on uncertainty

The new year will bring renewed feelings of uncertainty to the tax-planning landscape.

Changes by NY could affect regional moves

Gov. Cuomo gave an early holiday gift to many New York small businesses – though not wealthier residents.

Advantages, risks of various business structures

Over time, you may find your current structure no longer suits the size or nature of your business. Or you might want to divide your company into separate entities or form a joint venture.

In brief

News from around Fairfield County and Connecticut.

Region’s oldest accounting firm opens office in Orange

Business copes with regulations, new taxes while waiting for relief

Don’t leave your accountant out of the loop

With more regulations and oversight, put your accountant on your VIP list.

Riding out the storm on his own

As a sole practitioner, CPA Dave Herman’s client list runs the gamut.