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AHCT adjusts to abnormal times as enrollment numbers jump due to...

So-called "Bidencare" and Connecticut lawmakers' consideration of adding a public option could benefit the state's uninsured, AHCT CEO James Michel says.

After Obamacare ruled unconstitutional, CT lawmakers and health care officials scramble

“We are committed to upholding the ACA and the support it provides to the residents of our state,” said AHCT CEO James Michel.

Enrollment up at Access HealthCT

Although the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 eliminated the Obamacare's individual mandate, requiring most individuals to have health insurance coverage, talks with legislators will continue.

Access Health CT CEO Jim Wadleigh sounds alarm over exchange’s future

Wadleigh's concerns include continued attempts at repealing Obamacare, and the possible exit from the exchange of its two remaining insurers.

Connecticut health care industry blasts ‘Trumpcare’ plan

Facing the loss of millions in dollars and a wave of newly uninsured, hospitals and other providers question their ability to serve patients under the American Health Care Act.

Health care panel favors move away from volume- to value-based approach

The Feb. 2 event brought together senior executives from area hospitals and insurance companies, who used to "arm wrestle" over key issues, according to one panelist.

Access Health CEO: Enrollment slightly down, but business as usual for...

“If and as changes are made, we will react accordingly,” says AHCT CEO Jim Wadleigh of Obamacare's still uncertain future.

Health insurance exchange refocuses efforts on outreach, education

AHCT is now focused on educating consumers on how to derive maximum benefits from their selected insurance plans.

Business and the economy intersect at Shelton event

'Connecticut is 1.4 percent of the business that I ship, which tells me growth is slow'

CBP shepherds clients through Affordable Care Act challenges

Company founder and principal Gary Piantedosi recently assessed the adjustments coming to health insurance for the FCBJ.

HR firm establishes ACA unit

Operations Inc. taps five employees to help navigate new insurance rules.

State reaches its ACA sign-up goal

More than half of nearly 122,000 are eligible for Medicaid.

Health act delay spurs second guessing

Breathing room cited; rule affects larger companies

Health act’s arrival spurs interest

The Business Council of Westchester rides herd on the Affordable Care Act

Health care reform, the rising cost of insurance and HSAs

HSAs and HDHPs continue to offer employers and employees a flexible way to manage and reduce health care costs, especially as banks develop more sophisticated and convenient product sets that benefit both business and personal banking customers.