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$15 per hour minimum wage in Westchester

In the rest of the state, the minimum wage rises to $13.20 per hour.

State-required minimum wage in Westchester going up

The minimum wage required to be paid under New York state law by businesses in Westchester goes up to $13 per hour as planned...

Fast-food workers in CT service plazas plan to unionize

The SEIU orchestrated the "Fight For $15" campaign to increase the minimum wage for low-income workers.

Cuomo expands $15 minimum wage to 28,000 SUNY employees

State university employees will begin a gradual salary uptick in February when hourly salaries increase to $9.75 and will reach $15 by July 2021.

Column: ‘Fight for $15’ creates an uphill battle

"Every hard-working person in this country deserves the opportunity to be compensated fairly. Drastically increasing the minimum wage standards is not the way to achieve it."