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Subscriber FAQ’S

Q. What is Westfair Business Publications?

A. Westfair Business Publications is a collection of 3 local/regional business journal publications providing coverage of local business news and sales lead data in print, online and mobile formats. Each local publication also hosts numerous networking and award events throughout the year.

Q. If I create an account online for Westfair Online, will my email address be sold/rented/shared with third parties?

A. Although we reference this in our Privacy Policy, we have never sold/rented/shared our registered user data with any third parties, and do not plan on doing so in the future.

Q. How do I unsubscribe from any or all of the email newsletters I receive from Westfair Online?

A. Please request at jhottenroth@westfaironline.com

Q. I have signed up to receive email newsletters from Westfair Online, but have not started receiving them. Is there something wrong with my account?

A. First, you should check with your IT/Technical Support group to ensure emails from Westfair Online are not being filtered by the server at your company/ISP.

Q. I have been receiving email newsletters from Westfair Online, but now they have stopped. How can I continue receiving them?

A. First, you should check with your IT/Technical Support group to ensure emails from Westfair Online are not being filtered by the server at your company/ISP.

Q. How do I change my email address, so I can continue to receive email newsletters from Westfair Online?

A. You can update your account by emailing us jhottenroth@westfaironline.com

Q. I’ve received multiples of emails from Westfair Online. How do I make them stop?

A. Our systems are designed to send a single email for every product you are signed-up to receive. If you are seeing multiples of the same email, this could be caused by a malfunction on your company’s (or ISP’s) email server. Check first with your IT/Technical Support group to see if they can reconcile the situation. It is also important to realize that just because an email shows that it is from Westfair Online, it doesn’t mean it was actually sent to you by Westfair Online. Many email marketing groups participate in what is referred to as “spoofing”, where a random email address is chosen as their “from address”. It is also possible that the email is a virus sent by an infected machine. Viruses will also spoof the “from” address using variations from the infected machine’s address book. Check with your IT/Technical Support group if you are concerned about a virus, or SPAM. Also note: If you have set up multiple online accounts with Westfair Online, make sure you are not signed up to receive the same email newsletters to each account.

Q. I saw an article in the print edition that I wanted to read online, but I can’t find it through your Search page?

A. We do not post 100% of the print edition content to the Web site, but we now offer a digital subscription which provides access to all content found in the paper. To find out more go to digital edition in the navigation.

Q. How can I order a reprint of a story in the paper?

A. If you would like to purchase a professional article reprint, check out the reprint order section in the bottom navigation bar.

Q. I have a paid subscription and would like to download the PDF of an issue. How do I do this?

A. You are able to download a PDF of a recent issue after you’ve linked your subscription account to your online account. This allows us to verify that you are a current subscriber.

Q. How can I advertise on Westfair Online or in the printed edition?

A. You can find online advertising information on the navigation page.

Q. When is your website updated?

A. The stories from the weekly printed edition of the papers are posted on Friday and are reserved for paid subscribers only. There is also daily content released throughout the day by the business journals which is free for all users.

Q. Which browsers are best for your site?

A. This website is formatted to work with most major browsers, but it works best with Firefox 3.0 or newer or with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer. If you need to upgrade your browser you can go to either

Q. How far back do your archives go?

A. The Web archives include all material posted on the website since it was started in June 1996.

Q. I did not receive a copy of my print edition this week, how do I get an extra copy?

A. Please contact our fulfillment and circulation department at 914 694 3600.

Q: Can you accept press releases, news tips or story ideas?

A: Yes. If it’s news about your company or a story tip from the morning commute, we want to hear it. You can send us news about your company, news about your local industry or a news tip. You can send it to us by email, mail, by fax, by telephoning us or by submitting the information electronically through the Peoples Voice section of Westfair Online.

Q: What benefits do I receive online if I am not a paid subscriber to a business journal?

A: Non-subscribers will continue to receive access to many benefits, including:

  • – News posted throughout the weekday
  • – Free registration for any of our email newsletters
  • – 10 years worth of searchable archives
  • – news from over 15 popular categories
  • – Editorial content from our 3 print publications
  • – content from our Business Resources sections


Q. Where can I find Top 25 Lists?

A. Lists published in the paper each week are also available for sale online. You can purchase the annual Book of Lists in print or digital format or by subscribing to the Weekly List subscription,


Q. How can I get an invoice or receipt for a product I recently purchased?

A. Please contact us at 1-914-694-3600.

Q. What do I do if I have a question that is not addressed on this page?

A. Please call us at 1- 914-694-3600