Bridgeport casino bill moves forward

The bill was sent to the House on Friday, after earlier indications that it would die in committee.

Michael Scronic admits guilt in $22 million hedge fund scam

He was not registered as an investment adviser, the SEC says, and investors were putting money in a “fictitious hedge fund.”

Purchase College President Thomas Schwarz to retire in 2019

Schwarz has led the college for nearly two decades, one of the longest serving presidents in the SUNY system.

Storm outages spark Westchester County businesses into action

After the two massive nor’easters that hit Westchester County and region, hotels, restaurants and tree service companies all saw demand for their services surge.

Con Edison offering reimbursements for spoiled food and medicine

Business owners are eligible for food spoilage reimbursements up to $10,200, with receipts.

How will the SoNo Collection impact regional retailing?

The 700,000-square-foot SoNo Collection mall in Norwalk opens in October 2019, but its impact is already being felt in the region.


5 ways to get your business ready for succession

Succession planning best practices today can limit conflict tomorrow. Read RSM’s insight article for more...


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