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Mercedes’ demands drive Goldens Bridge dealer to federal court

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  1. Charles Buonanno is a horrible person. He fires his only son who was President of the store for years, runs the place into the ground and sues MBUSA all in one year. Who would ever do business with this guy? Good job, crazy!!

  2. Charles and Nancy Buonanno are liars . He has not been there in 20 years ! Those were not his plans and he did not attend those meetings . Shame on you , you deserve all the aggravation . Chris Buonanno his son was a class act – unlike you . You are a dispicable human being . Also , it is known that Joe Girardi is a close friend of your sons and was his customer not yours . You took his cars away back in Dec , stop the lies !!!

    • Charles and Nancy Buonanno should be ashamed of themselves. What arrogance. Throwing out his only son who ran a highly profitable dealership for him that he and his wife reaped the benefits off of for years without ever even walking in the door. This was done without even willing to meet one time with anyone to discuss issues. What a coward.
      Only to turn it over to his wife to run as a personal play toy as if she is running cooperate America. In less than a year the place is in financial trouble, open to multiple lawsuits from employees and others, some who were wrongfully terminated and not compensated. Now in risk of losing a highly desirable franchise. All of this over ego, greed, arrogance and money. So many lives affected, not only his direct family but employees, vendors customers, suppliers.
      Now the place in risk of losing its franchise. No one wins, all lose, how foolish. Can anyone blame MBUSA?
      This is your legacy now Charles Buonanno.

  3. Forgive Charles Buonanno.He is not mentally capacitated. He cant remember what he had for breakfast at lunch, look at his photo. He walks up to service and asks employees where am I. He is being fed false inaccurate information from numerous people around him and believes what he hears without due diligence..
    His wife makes all decisions with regard to that place, his life, schedule and acts like Leona Helmsley in the way she handles people and employees. One example directing staff to send Estate drivers to her multiple houses, run errands, and other personal tasks. Taking away time from the drivers who were hired to pick up and deliver loaner cars to customers and move their cars to service. All employees there know this and work in fear wondering when there day will come.
    Unfortunately thanks to them the day for all will come soon with the MBUSA franchise termination.

    • I hope MBUSA terminates these despicable human beings. Who would want to do business with these creeps and who would work for them? Do not go there and send these pieces of **** a message!!

  4. It looks like all of these replies are from current or former employees of this nightmare business who want to keep their jobs. Lots of facts left out. But then who knows the real truth?
    1. “used car lot” check – and not only used Mercedes Benzes – and not in compliance with Town code.
    2, “filthy…with little or no maintenance or upkeep over the years” – check – and their garbage washes into the residential property next door on waves of water running off their unmaintained parking lot.
    3. “spent more than $1 million getting approval from the town of Lewisboro” – check – and then let the approvals expire – 3 times! But not willing to spend a mere $10,000 to fix the unapproved drainage causing flooding of the neighbor.
    Let’s set the record straight – they are all Soprano wannabes. I live next door to them.


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