Brands are racing to support social justice movements on social media with hashtags, black squares and donations to organizations. But many of these same brands are now being called out for not having people of color on their board, lack of diversity in the hiring process and not being open to second chance hiring practices.

Every business owner, social media manager and brand manager is faced with the same question: how does a brand navigate through the protests that are taking place online and how do brands make real change?

Kris Ruby, the CEO of Ruby Media Group, a top New York public relations firm with 13+ years of experience in crisis communications, will host an informative discussion with two leading advertising executives on the right way (and wrong way) for companies to navigate brand activism.


• Brand activism or brand neutrality: what is the right call for your business?
• Should you unfollow influencers who don’t use their platform to post about social movements?
• Actionable tips you can do today on a shoestring PR budget to take a proactive stance on social media
• Case studies of brands who got it right and 5 examples of brands that failed (learn from their mistakes with insights and analysis from Vincent Bragg and Marcus Glover)
• Criminal Justice Reform: The important conversation missing in social media posts and why second chance hiring matters in the topic of social justice plus an exclusive interview with Vincent Bragg who shares how the PPP loan is unavailable to those with specific criminal histories and why business owners must raise awareness about this if they want to make meaningful change, fast.

Who would benefit from attending?

Business Owners, Lawyers, Chief Marketing Officers, Public Relations Officers, CEOs, Marketing & Communication Professionals



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