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The times are a-changin’

Inattention to the issues of climate change and future fuel shortages, and therefore food shortages, will exact a very high price on businesses and the public if not acknowledged and acted on.

The new Golden Rule

Is it finally time to take seriously what it means to be sustainable?

The jobs of the future

Have you heard that one of the jobs of the future will be “space tour guide”?

In the U.S., time to ‘Powerdown’

It is extraordinarily difficult to face any reality that conflicts with our world view.

Is this the year?

Is this the year that we begin to appreciate our precious Earth?

What comes after 2012?

I have just seen the movie “2012.” If you enjoy media versions of car chases this is the movie for you.

All about Cassandra

Everyone is into predicting the future these days and the record for accuracy is pretty dismal.

The morphing of the American character

This column is either going to make you mad or make you think.

Time to pay the piper

The economy and the environment are on a collision course

Crazier and crazier

What crazy times we live in.

Are two wheels better than four?

Westchester bicyclists have gotten aggressive, demanding what should have been theirs all along.

What’s for dinner?

Producing food is a very big business.

GNH instead of GDP?

Consumer mania has dominated the U.S. economy for the last decade or two – 70 percent of the gross domestic product at last count.

Peak oil solution – electrify the rails

High speed rail – it’s all the rage. 

Is this really capitalism?

It is said we are in the age of greed. That may be more complimentary than is justified.