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Ethanol – the view from Brazil

There have been no attempts in the U.S. to objectively assess whether corn ethanol was ever a realistic replacement for foreign oil.

Surviving the Future

Before continuing the survey of events in Washington during the ASPO-International conference, a clarification is in order.

The Peak Oil Conference, Part I

There seems to be agreement we are at “peak oil” and the only reason we have not begun a descent is because of the global economic recession.

Francis Bannerman VI – a real entrepreneur

Modern-day opportunities for entrepreneurial creativity like that of Francis Bannerman VI are vast, as the end of the Oil Age nears.

Self-sustainability a tough but necessary endeavor

The Transition Movement is building momentum across the U.S.

The new, ‘new economy’

The U.S. thinking is based on the availability of an endless supply of petroleum, this in the face of a rising tide of evidence to the contrary.

Hitting the ‘sell by’ date

What will make the U.S. health care system actually improve the health of its customers?

Which sectors will be the future job creators?

With the entire economy based on cheap oil, a hard-nosed assessment of where future jobs will appear is overdue.

‘The Hole in the World’

We are coming to the end of the oil age and the longer this fact is denied the more difficult the transition to another energy source will be.

Life as we know it

How can you maintain a sound economy and constantly chip away at the environment that supports that economy?

A call to action – is anybody listening?

When a thousand people gather with a single purpose in mind, it is time to pay attention.

We’re all in the same house

After 40 Earth Days we still have a difficult time making the connection between our need for a healthy environment and our ability to survive.

Who controls the Earth?

The Earth is talking back. Is anyone listening?

Whose bridge is falling down?

Brother James Liguori, president of Iona College in New Rochelle, said it best: “It is not a matter of money but a matter of priorities.”

Time to get control of your life

It is difficult to find anything you can depend on these days.