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Station break

The development being billed as Stamford’s most environmentally conscious project, Metro Green, is coming together with its tower receiving zoning approval last week.

Resurfacing gets hip

Hip replacement may not be a sentence to live the rest of your life curtailing your activity level.

A one-legged duck and a priest walk into Stamford …

The percent of people laughing in Stamford has increased since the opening of the city’s new and only comedy venue, The Treehouse Comedy Club, which sold out its opening weekend in September.

Responsible drinking aim of Diageo’s online forum

Diageo of Norwalk has launched an interactive social Web site designed to promote responsible drinking.

The name game

Businesses are relocating all the time, but what happens when where you’re moving doesn’t match the location in your name?

GE high on the sun

Since GE Energy Financial Services of Stamford invested in a Spanish alternative energy company, the venture has sunflowered.

Carolyn Xivalas

Carolyn Xivalas owner of Pink Cloud Beading in Fairfield is a former songstress keeping her musical past alive with her two boys.

The jeweler’s progress

At 25 years old, Jessica DiRubio of New Canaan, founder of Jessica DiRubio Jewelry, has her pieces featured in another Fairfield native’s new movie, Meg Ryan’s “The Women.”

Their eyes on your test

Pitney Bowes Inc. of Stamford has introduced Arrival Exam Tracking System: the modern-day nemesis of cheat sheets.

Bridge building

Government and transportation leaders Sept. 26 came out in favor of a new, multibillion-dollar bridge to be built next to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Edward Netter

Edward Netter of Stamford has built a successful career in finance as chairman of Independence Holding Company and as chairman and CEO of Geneve Corporation, but his greatest achievements may have been made in education and cancer gene therapy.

The copier … green machine?

The Xerox Corporation of Norwalk is promoting printing with a heart of green.

Station break

Kevin O’Brien has brought a new café to the South Norwalk train station with aims to help commutes go over easy.

Officials agree on replacing the Tappan Zee

Government and transportation leaders have come out in favor of a new, multibillion-dollar bridge to be built next to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Power supply

A new business consulting team from Brookfield has established a beachhead as the Power Team Partners, and is increasing its business by creating what it terms a progressive offering of trust and accountability.