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Andi Gray is president of Strategy Leaders Inc., strategyleaders.com, a business consulting firm that specializes in helping small to midsize, privately held businesses achieve doubled revenues and tripled profits in repetitive growth cycles. Interested in learning how Strategy Leaders can help your business? Call now for a free consultation and diagnostic process: (877) 238-3535. Do you have a question for Andi? Email her: AskAndi@StrategyLeaders.com. Visit AskAndi.com for an entire library of her articles.

Andi Gray: How to get your cash flow in order

Plan for extra invoicing in order to build up cash on hand and avoid getting caught short.

Andi Gray: Learn to make the right choices

Once you know what you want to accomplish, it’s time to put together your task list. Include all the things that will have to get done in order to achieve your goals.

Andi Gray: How to build a strong management team

Unify the team with goals. Organize functions to eliminate duplication and conflict. Use incentives to get the point across that collaboration is essential. 

Andi Gray: Stepping back so others can carry the load

Building a bigger business means you can’t do it all — not even close! If you are going to add real leaders to the team you have to let them lead.

Andi Gray: Realizing predictable gold from the marketing pipeline

Once you have the pipeline set up, keep track of the dates when prospects move from one stage to the next.

Andi Gray: Stay organized to win

Consistently and accurately serving customer needs is a key to success for any company.

Andi Gray: Setting a new salesperson on the path to...

A smart sales rep knows she’ll do better with someone looking over her shoulder, ready to offer suggestions on how to get over hurdles.

Andi Gray: Getting access to loans can be a challenge

The bank is not your business partner, taking risks with you. They’re a vendor looking to insure they get their money back, no matter what.

Andi Gray: Keeping the owner’s priorities up front

Be clear about what are your top priorities as a business owner. Know the ebbs and flows of your business. Stop trying to overcommit.

Andi Gray: Handling early departures at work

Having a standard set of work hours can make it easier to monitor, but may not give your employees the flexibility they need. Whatever you do, make things fair for everyone.

Andi Gray: Recruitment is a key driver of success

Make hiring great talent a group goal with group rewards. Encourage everyone on the team to work on building a talent bank to draw upon in future years.

Andi Gray: Finding gold with direct mail

Show prospects more about what your company does. Give them a reason to care about or relate to what you’re showing off. Test until you know you’re generating enough excitement that the recipient is moved to act on the spot.

Andi Gray: Rough service month

Set a minimum daily and weekly goal per person for service calls that adds up to hitting your monthly revenue goal for service.

Andi Gray: Don’t let the customer dictate your business

You can’t let the customer dictate your business. You have to decide which customers are going to create long-term value for your business.

Andi Gray: Strapped for cash

Get a handle on what it really costs to operate. Make cuts to get the bottom line positive. Make a plan to pay down the credit line and build up cash.