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Calling all hackers

It’s rare for computer hackers to be warmly welcomed in view of what’s going on in the world, but that’s what will be happening at the University of Bridgeport (UB) on the weekend of March 23 to 25 at the John J. Cox Student Center, 224 University Ave. In fact, the university is providing cots for sleeping, meals and snacks and other accommodations to the hackers at no charge. Fortunately, they won’t to be criminal hackers; UB is hosting an intercollegiate hackathon, challenging students to tap into their computer creativity and explore computer vulnerabilities.

Students can compete individually or in teams. They’re invited to come with ideas for web hacks, mobile hacks, hardware hacks and more. They will build software for computer break-ins from scratch over the weekend. Prizes will be awarded. 

“All students need are ideas, a laptop, college ID and a charger,” said hackathon organizer Rahul Chaudhary, an entrepreneur in residence at UB’s Student Entrepreneur Center. “We’ve taken care of details so students can be creative and focus on doing their best. Hopefully, they’ll have fun, network with peers and even pave the way for their own start-ups.”

UB Hackathon is sponsored by the Entrepreneurship Foundation, Unilever, University of Bridgeport, and Wolfram.


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