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Danbury hires Ventura Law to pursue lawsuits against opioid makers


Danbury’s Ventura Law firm has been hired by the city to consider lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies involved in the sale, distribution and marketing of opioids.

opioids Ventura law danburyA number of other Connecticut cities – including Bridgeport, Fairfield, Newtown and Shelton – joined together as part of a lawsuit filed in Waterbury Superior Court by Waterbury firm Drubner, Hartley & Hellman in January. New York City’s Simmons Hanly Conroy is also representing those plaintiffs as part of a national multidistrict litigation against many of the same pharmaceutical companies, including Stamford’s Purdue Pharma.

Danbury officials said they preferred to go with a local firm rather than join that larger effort. Ventura lists pharmaceutical/medical device claims as one of its areas of expertise.

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  1. Did no one in Danbury think it odd that the city would choose Ventura instead of Drubner Hartley? No comparison in terms of complex litigation experience. Drubner Hartley is a national leader in complex litigation. Ventura is not. Even if Ventura cut Danbury a better deal, 25% of nothing is still nothing.


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