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CT Democrats propose changes to sexual harassment policies in the workplace


A group of Democratic legislators have submitted a bill that would change how Connecticut employers deal with sexual harassment.

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According to an Associated Press report, the proposed Time’s Up Act would mandate that all Connecticut employers with three or more workers conduct sexual harassment training. Currently, the requirement covers employers with 50 or more workers. Employers would also be required to send their workers an email outlining corporate sexual harassment policies at least once a year or face fines.

The Time’s Up Act would also change the complaint process related to sexual harassment charges filed with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. These changes would include the elimination of secret settlements in harassment cases and the statute of limitations for felony sexual assaults while increasing the financial penalties for offenders and training and education in workplaces.

“Employees simply don’t know their rights,” said state Sen. Beth Bye, a Democrat from West Hartford. “They don’t know the protections that exist under the current law if they make a complaint.”

The legislation was prepared without any input from Republican legislators.
Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano of North Haven complained about the one-party authorship of the bill, stating, “Republican and Democrat lawmakers have a history of working together to improve sexual harassment prevention policies right here in the General Assembly. It’s disappointing to see a lack of effort to work with their colleagues together on an issue as important as sexual harassment prevention.”

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