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GoFundMe appeal results in guilty plea from Ardsley ‘cancer victim’

A former Ardsley woman who used a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for medical care and living expenses after she said she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, has pleaded guilty to fraud.

Vedoutie Hoobraj, who also is known as Shivonie Deokaran, raised more than $50,000, mostly in and around Ardsley, with poignant appeals about her plight.

Go Fund Me scam
Vedoutie Hoobraj, who also is known as Shivonie Deokaran, as she appeared on the dodo.com.

But her solicitations were a sham. She was not terminally ill. She did not have cancer. And the money was used, according to a criminal complaint filed by the FBI, for ordinary business and personal expenses.

The scheme began in late 2014 when a friend set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding appeal. Hoobraj’s boyfriend provided the text.

The appeal was titled, “Shivonie’s Fight Against Leukemia.”

“As most of you know,” it said, “Shivonie was diagnosed with leukemia and also cancer on her liver.”

She had no health insurance and was ineligible for Obamacare, the appeal stated. She said she needed help paying for medical and living expenses. Photographs showed her, bald, with her two teen-age sons and boyfriend.

The first appeal raised $10,030 from 83 people.

In 2015, one of her sons created a GoFundMe page titled, “Our Mom Battle with Leukemia.”

Doctors had given Hoobraj 18 months to live, the plea stated. They had to find another place to live in less than a month and they were worried about losing Gia, the family dog.

Hoobraj linked the crowdfunding appeal to a story and photos of Gia on thedodo.com, a site that features compassionate stories and videos about animals and their owners. She “was just told,” the post states, “there’s nothing left they can do.”

The second appeal raised $25,634 from 366 people.

In November 2015, the Ardsley High School football team hosted a spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

The event and other school appeals yielded $16,274.

None of the money was used for cancer-related medical expenses, the complaint states, and was used instead for her photography business, rent and other ordinary living expenses.

Ardsley police began investigating after a donor got suspicious in late 2015. Hoobraj and her boyfriend told officers that she had been treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mount Kisco Medical Center (Northern Westchester Hospital) and Bronx-Lebanon Hospital.

The hospitals had no treatment records for her.

Email from a doctor purportedly conveyed messages about her treatment. The Gmail account was created a few weeks before the first GoFundMe campaign began and deleted a few days after police interviewed her.

She told police that the doctor had died in an earthquake in Nepal. An oncologist by the very same name, who was alive and well and working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, had no recollection of meeting Hoobraj and had never owned or used the Gmail account.

She told investigators that the doctor’s brother also treated her. A doctor with a similar name said he knew Hoobraj socially. She had told him that she had bone marrow cancer but he had never evaluated or treated her.

In March 2016, “in an effort to prove that she had cancer” to a donor, the complaint states, Hoobraj sent a screenshot of lab tests results from Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx.

She had been admitted to Jacobi in late January 2016, complaining of dizziness, nose bleeds and feeling cold. She told medical personnel that she had been diagnosed with leukemia in 2014 and had received 15 rounds of treatment.

Some of the lab results matched the screenshot but key numbers were different. “Your labs turned out to show no abnormalities,” her discharge form said.

Hoobraj moved to Orlando and FBI agents interviewed her there last August. She admitted, according to the complaint, that she did not have leukemia during the fundraising campaigns.

The criminal complaint was unsealed last August in federal court in White Plains. On Jan. 12, she changed her plea to guilty to one count of mail fraud.

Sentencing has been set for April 19.


  1. So Nikhlesh Parekh her boyfriend and Accomplice who also enjoyed from the scam, gets to walk away with no charges??? He’s another scam artist people POs should both Rot in jail.

    • Lorraine, this is Nikhlesh. You should contact the FBI and the Ardsley Detrctives and ask them the same question before talking smack about me. If it was not for me the truth would never come out. Do you have any idea what I have been through? I am the one who told the Ardsley PD to get the FBI involved when I found out the truth. Call them and find out instead of saying things and judging me without any facts. Past 4 years has been an absolutely nightmare for me. I have met with the FBI including other law inforcement on own. Don’t you think the FBI is going to check my entire life? They took my phone among other things which I volunteerly gave to them. Have you ever dealt with the FBI? I fought this nightmare by myself without an attorney because I have nothing to hide. Anyone who wants to judge me without facts I am watching and will not tolerate nonsense. I am going no where and glad this nightmare is over for me.

  2. He is liar and Scam Artist, he used her when it was convenience for him, to get off from paying child support. He did this to the woman he married and got his green card, he did this to the mother of his children and now her. When will he be hold accountable.

  3. Why is he still living in Florida and running from paying his child support, He has a daughter and Son who he has no relationship with, why if he such an outstanding citizen, if you are clear why don’t you move back to NY, Nikhlesh, pled guilty cause you was the informant you made a deal with the Feds.
    She got what she deserved but when do the law get you. Nikhlesh why are you hiding from Adele Mahabir and not supporting your children’s.

  4. Nel Singh, don’t hide. let me know who you are. I want to know all of you people who want to mind my business. Obviously you want to mind my business right? I’ll give you a fair chance. Make yourself known and watch what happens. Either way I am coming after you the 1st chance I get. You posted this two months back. I have 2 years to find you according to defamation laws in NY. I’ll answer your and anyone’s questions in court. Let’s see who’s running and who’s a scam. Tell Adele I am coming in full force for my kids. She can ignore my calls, texts & emails all she wants but I am going nowhere. Freaking scammers want to talk smack behind a key board


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