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At the Mercy of hackers

Mercy College students test their computer skills.

Don’t be alarmed: Mercy College, which has campuses in Dobbs Ferry, Yorktown Heights, Manhattan and the Bronx didn’t encourage students to become computer hackers in the underworld. What happened is the exact opposite. 

The college encouraged a team of students with computer expertise to validate their cybersecurity knowledge and skills through participation in hacking simulations run by the National Cyber League. More than just a competition of computer skills, the NCL Games can be integrated into the classroom, so faculty members can coach and mentor their students.

In a crowded field of 184 teams participating in the NCL Games in the fourth quarter of 2017, the Mercy cyberteam finished 30th in the nation overall and fourth in a specialized category.

The National Cyber League is a nonprofit designed to provide training in cybersecurity and give students the opportunity to solve the kinds of computer security problems they’ll face in the business world.

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