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Westchester County budget includes new $50k fund to boost agriculture


The Westchester County budget will provide a new line of funding to boost agriculture in the county.

Westchester agriculture
Legislator Francis Corcoran speaks at a press conference in July at Stuart’s Farm.

A press release from the county Board of Legislators highlighted $50,000 in the budget dedicated to agriculture, an addition submitted by Legislator Francis Corcoran, a Bedford Republican and chair of the board’s Environment and Health Committee.

The $50,000 from the county will be matched by New York state and used to hire a consultant to update the county’s Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan.

The plan will identify and develop agricultural projects within urban, suburban and rural areas of the county, as well as best practices and activities to increase economic and social opportunities throughout the county.

The grant allows for up to $25,000 in matching funds for municipalities that participate in a joint plan, creating the potential for the funding to reach $200,000 toward updating the county agriculture plan.

The original Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan, adopted by the county Board of Legislators in 2004, focused on protecting Westchester’s remaining agricultural lands.

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