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Antares invests in Norwalk acts

Antares Capital donated $8,500 on Nov. 17 to Norwalk Acts in support of its community work aimed at enriching and improving the lives and futures of Norwalk’s children and youth.

In addition to money, Antares Capital provides in-kind support of backpacks for children, volunteer help at Norwalk Acts’ Back to School Night at Stepping Stones Museum for Children and involvement in the organization’s leadership committees.

Norwalk Acts has programs to help children get ready for kindergarten, and then follows their progress with programs continuing right through high school and into college. 

“As a financial services firm, we appreciate first hand the importance of utilizing data to drive accountability and inform strategy. We are pleased to support Norwalk Acts, whose members work tirelessly throughout our community to achieve significant and lasting social change,” said Charlie Allred, senior managing director at Antares.


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