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More help for Puerto Rico

From left: William Foust, Fernando Martinez and Maurice Lavelanet.

Employees of CareMount Medical, which operates more than 40 offices in the Hudson Valley, pitched in to gather supplies to help those in Puerto Rico still suffering in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Many CareMount employees have personal connections with the island. The employees put together enough supplies to fill a 24-foot box truck. CareMount’s patients were not solicited.  

“People outside of Puerto Rico would have a hard time understanding how devastating this has been. The uncertainty is overwhelming,” said Sandra Santiago, a radiologist with relatives on the island. 

Physical therapist Martha Coccaro came up with two carloads of supplies. “As a new grandma, and thinking of a baby not having a clean diaper or food to eat, I felt compelled to help.” Among the items collected by the CareMount employees were baby food and formula, batteries, diapers, soap, toothpaste, deodorant and feminine hygiene products.

Michael Altamura, a CareMount urologist, facilitated getting the supplies to the New York City Fire Department, which handled the actual shipment of the goods to Puerto Rico.

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