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Former NHL all-star at benefit

From left: Charlotte Östman and Clint and Joanie Malarchuk.

The featured speaker at the Mental Health Association of Westchester’s Fall Benefit held at LIFE The Place to Be in Ardsley was Clint Malarchuk, the former NHL all-star goalie. He played in 338 games during 10 NHL seasons. Malarchuk suffered from OCD, anxiety, depression and alcohol use. Also at the benefit was his wife, Joanie, who spoke about the issues faced by a family member supporting a loved one with mental health concerns.

“Clint is living proof that recovery is possible,” said the association’s CEO Charlotte Östman. “We must talk about and raise awareness of mental health each and every day.”

Malarchuk said, “People who are experiencing mental health issues often ask themselves ‘Why am I alive?’ But I know the answer to my question: I was spared — twice — to help others. Each day, I hear from other athletes who thought they were the only ones struggling. I am grateful for having played in the NHL, which gives me a platform from which to speak. I’m also grateful for having struggled, and survived, and to be able to be here tonight to talk about it.”


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