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Malloy: ‘Thousands’ of new jobs at risk if state budget doesn’t pass soon


The state stands to “lose thousands of jobs” if its 14-week-long budget impasse cannot be resolved soon, according to Gov. Dannel Malloy.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday, Malloy said that his administration is in talks with a number of companies “that want to enlarge their footprint or move to our state,” but that such potential developments cannot take place until a budget is finalized.

As for the budget, Malloy said that Democratic and Republican legislators are “hundreds of millions of dollars” apart when it comes to solving Connecticut’s considerable projected deficits.

The governor repeated an opinion he voiced earlier in the week, that if a compromise isn’t reached by Oct. 13 – the day before Republican state Sen. Art Linares of Westbrook is scheduled to marry Democratic state Rep. Caroline Simmons of Stamford, after which they plan to leave for their honeymoon – the impasse could stretch into November.

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