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A home for domes

Bryan Tavera, left, and Alicia Petryk with a model of a geodesic dome.

A University of Bridgeport senior majoring in computer science is working on a project to create low-cost geodesic domes made from recycled materials that can be used as greenhouses. Bryan Tavera is a member of the college’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders and has been awarded a $5,000 green technology scholarship from the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering.

“Areas of our Bridgeport community are considered ‘food deserts’ with limited access to nutritious foods,” Tavera said. “Part of my work will be to initiate a project plan and involve community stakeholders who can guide us on how geodesic dome greenhouses can be the most beneficial to our community.” 

Used as greenhouses, the domes would enable virtually any homeowner to grow food throughout the year without the expense of building a traditional greenhouse.

Guided by faculty adviser and biomedical engineering professor Alicia Petryk, two geodesic dome prototypes will be designed and built in the next year.

“Geodesic domes are very efficient and stable structures, less susceptible to deformation and can withstand heavy loads like those created by environmental forces such as snow coverings and wind. They also can be constructed fairly quickly without heavy equipment,” Petryk said. 


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