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Energy Department criticized for withholding $12M in funds to FuelCell Energy


Members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation are demanding that the U.S. Department of Energy release the remaining funds which had been allocated to Danbury-based FuelCell Energy Inc. back in 2015.

FuelCell Energy power energy department funds
Photo courtesy FuelCell Energy.

FuelCell Energy was designated to receive $15 million in federal funding in 2015 to develop a fuel cell technology that reduces emissions at coal- and gas-powered plants. However, the company has only received $3 million from Washington, with no word on whether the remaining $12 million will be distributed.

In a letter to Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the congressional delegation insisted that FuelCell Energy’s work was vital to support both the environment and the economy.

“We urge the department to obligate additional funds immediately after FuelCell Energy Inc. reaches the milestones prescribed in the cooperative agreement, as the promising project cannot advance and realize its full potential until the funds are released,” the delegration wrote. “This project highlights American innovation and manufacturing and it will directly support U.S. manufacturing jobs.”

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  1. This isn’t just cheerleading; it’s defending the law. Does Perry stand with the law or against it, and does he appreciate what such research can spur for economic development nationally? Gentle nudges such as these aren’t effective enough, so let’s get smarter about enforcing this.


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