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CBIA endorses GOP budget proposal ahead of today’s expected vote on Dem plan


The Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA) has endorsed the latest Republican budget proposal, with legislators expected to vote today on the most recent Democratic proposal.

CBIA President and CEO Joe Brennan said the group’s members want predictability and confidence, as well as an affordable environment that helps attract and retain employees.

CBIA joe brennan connecticut budget
CBIA President and CEO Joe Brennan. File photo

“They want a thoughtful state budget that’s not put together by taking the path of least resistance through a series of patchwork solutions,” Brennan said, “but a budget that has long-term structural reforms and addresses the increasing costs of state government.”

Brennan cited the latest GOP plan’s proposed controls on government spending, a stronger cap on borrowing, required votes on union contracts, and further changes to pension and other benefit costs at the end of the current union contract.

“We applaud House and Senate Republicans for putting together a fully vetted budget that contains these items that any final budget must include,” he said. “We also applaud those on both sides of the aisle who have resisted the call for higher taxes.”

Although Brennan also said that “Now is the time for working together,” it seems unlikely that any Republican lawmaker will vote in favor of the Democrats’ and Gov. Dannel Malloy’s latest proposal; that vote is expected later today.

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