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Globalization at The Aldrich


The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum has announced that it will be presenting “Shared Space: A New Era,” an exhibition of photographs and video from 1987 through 2010 that considers the world’s social, economic and political climate. It will explore the growing impact of technology, with radically increased and diversified communication, which has introduced a new phase of globalization. 

The exhibition is scheduled to open October 1 and run through April 22, 2018. It has been curated by Lillian Lambrechts from the Bank of America Collection and is on loan from its
Art in our Communities program.

Contemporary artists from 12 countries are featured. They have captured the spaces where people communicate and interact — urban and rural landscapes, homes and backyards, city streets and plazas, and ports and terminals. The art reminds viewers of their place in the world and their role and impact on current global and interpersonal affairs, while also provoking them to consider how they will contribute to “shared space” in the future.

More details are on the museum’s website, aldrichart.org.

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