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Shelter Rock Winery toasts to five years

Remember when Lucy Ricardo, played by Lucille Ball, visited Italy in “I Love Lucy” and wound up stomping grapes in a vineyard? Something vaguely like that may happen in Danbury this October, exact date to be announced. Shelter Rock Winery and Wine Making Club says it plans to host a gala “Harvest Celebration” complete with what it says will be an “I Love Lucy” stomping of the grapes. The event will mark the fifth year for the Danbury winery. Since its founding, the winery has increased production from 12 to more than 50 barrels a year.  

Winery founder Giovanni Petretta, whose ancestors began making wine more than 500 years ago in Santo Stefano del Sole, Italy, oversees the local winery, the first in Danbury.

“We are hosting the harvest celebration not only for our wine-making family and friends but for all of the area’s wine aficionados and novice winemakers. I really love introducing people to the magic and joy of making wine… from grape crushing to bottling,” said Petretta. “We like to think of it as one big family together enjoying an experience, a journey. We not only make wine, we build friendships.”

The winery is closed for vacation, reopening Aug. 27. For information, call 203-948-8235 or email shelterrockwinery@gmail.com.


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