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Celebrating with Paul Nelson

Joshua Wright (left) and Paul Nelson.

Grammy Award-winning guitarist and songwriter Paul Nelson joined in the festivities marking the first anniversary of the Vinyl Street Cafe in Fairfield. Nelson has performed and recorded with a long list of artists such as Eric Clapton, Billy West and Johnny Winter. 

Nelson conducted a meet and greet with fans and autographed albums at the cafe, while helping establish that vinyl records are alive and not at all an obsolete technology as many people believe. Many audiophiles find that the sound produced by a stylus riding in the grooves of a vinyl record has a richness not attainable from digital formats. 

Vinyl Street Cafe owner Joshua Wright provides an outlet for both old and new records pressed in vinyl. He also stocks CDs, DVDs and audio accessories and sells online as well as in his retail outlet. The cafe also carries food and offers customers free coffee while they’re browsing through the albums or just visiting.


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