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Heineken taps U.S. Beverage for importing partnership

Stamford-based U.S. Beverage has been named United States importer of certain specialty Heineken products, which may include brands from Europe, Latin America, South America, and Southeast Asia.

U.S. Beverage Stamford Heineken White Plains beerThe company stated that the brands will only be those that are not handled by affiliates Heineken USA and Five Points Trading Co. Heineken USA offices are in White Plains.

The transaction will begin immediately, with all responsibilities for sales, marketing and distribution handled by U.S.Beverage in partnership with Heineken Americas Export.

“Heineken has partnered with USB in part for a number of years and it has proven itself as a builder of premium brands throughout the United States,” said Jose Luis Lopez Portillo, export director of Heineken Americas Export. “We are quite confident and excited that our partnership will provide national growth in the important U.S. market.”


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