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Stew Leonard’s recalls hot dogs

Recall includes the Stew Leonard's and Sabrett brands of refrigerated hot dogs.


Stew Leonard’s announced that its brand of refrigerated hot dogs is part of a voluntary product recall by Sabrett/Marathon Enterprises, which also included the Sabrett hot dog brand.

The Norwalk-based grocery chain stated that Sabrett/Marathon Enterprises received information from the USDA-Food Safety and Inspection Services that the products might potentially contain pieces of bone or cartilage. The products in questions have sell-through dates from June 25 through Oct. 6. The recall does not include Stew Leonard’s Naked brand of grass-fed hot dogs.

“The health and safety of Stew Leonard’s customers remains the Leonard family’s top priority,” the company said in a press statement, adding that customers who bought the recalled products from the store should return them for a full refund.

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