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X.po.zur gallery opens in Westport

New arts venue run by Mark Krueger, who doubles as the artist Armando Bertoli.


X.po.zur gallery, Westport’s newest art venue, opened to the public on July 15.

art gallery westport x.po.zur
263 Riverside Ave.

The gallery, at 263 Riverside Ave., is run by Mark Krueger, who previously managed and curated New Haven’s Gallery at EleMar. Krueger also creates art under the name Armando Bertoli, and the opening exhibit included a selection of Bertoli works along with paintings by Estelle Nussbaum.

In opening the gallery, Krueger stated that he wanted the venue to be a participatory gallery to be used by visual, creative, literary and even culinary artists.
“While our relationship with established art collectors is more definitive and specialized, our community mission is to create a more complete gallery experience within an interactive framework,” Krueger said.

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