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Graduation at Orchard School


When the Andrus Orchard School in Yonkers held a graduation ceremony for its eighth-graders recently, its president and CEO Bryan R. Murphy, had words of encouragement for the 23 youngsters who were awarded diplomas. “When you think about your journey here at Andrus, whether it was for months or years, I hope that you see what we all see: how much you have grown, how much you have learned and how much you offer to the world,” he said.

The school noted that some of the graduates will attend mainstream education at their district high school and others will go to secondary schools specializing in working with youth who have learning, emotional and/or adjustment difficulties. Some children have been hurt by neglect, abuse, poverty or violence. Others are challenged by mental illness or autism.

Located on the sloping hill of a former apple orchard, the Orchard School serves approximately 155 students. It has a residential treatment program in addition to offering day school. 

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